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A CFO does the same job as your right hand does for you. A business without knowing where it going, or what is it which is driving or pulling growth, and why, are some of important questions which a CFO can answer for you. We provide reliable CFO services across industries with special expertise in FMCG sector. Contact our experienced partner to seek a free advice. Some of the key CFO services at Bens are:

  • Strategy building & Medium to long term plans
  • Geographic expansion and Business modeling
  • Analytical Reports, Business Insights and Actionable Recommendations
  • Internal control policies and procedures
  • Drill downs, root cause analysis, what-if analysis
  • Market & customer wise profitability analysis
  • Brand & Product wise analysis & profitability/Product Health, contribution & prospect analysis
  • Monthly Reporting with analysis & recommendations
  • Pricing and Price Structure / KPIs / Portfolio mix, revenue & profitability maximization
  • Lean Concept application, Cost controls / End to End Analysis & Reviews
  • Value Stream Mapping-Resource mapping & eliminate waste/increase productivity

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