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How to shift from where you are to where you want to go. Lean concept can help you in getting there.

What is Lean? Lean is a philosophy originated in Japan by Mr. Taiichi Ohno through the invention of TPS (Toyota Productive System) – Lean Manufacturing. Lean Management principles help you to identify wasteful practices, reduce costs and increase quality & profitability.

Lean has an extensive set of tools and concepts. These tools are often associated with Lean Manufacturing however they can easily be used for processes across an organization.

Where to start: First, go through the brief definition of each tools and how it can improve your operations. Then, if a tool captures your interest, explore it further (with our support) and decide if this is something to pursue.

Lean Tools – What is it & How does it help

5S is used to organize the work area. It can be used in Office and Factory. There are steps to apply – each step begins with the letter S (Sort, set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain). It helps to eliminate wastes that results from a poorly organized work area.

Kaizen is a strategy where employees work together proactively to achieve regular and incremental improvements in the manufacturing process. It helps to combine talents of a company to create an engine for continually eliminating waste found in processes.

VSM is used to map the flow of production. Shows the current and future state of a process in a way that highlights opportunities for improvements. It helps in exposing waste in the current processes and provide a roadmap for improvement though future state.

PDCA is a methodology for implementing improvements. You Plan, Do, Check, Act.

Root cause Analysis is a problem-solving methodology that focuses on resolving the underlying problem instead of applying quick fixes that only treat the symptom but not the cause. A common approach is to ask WHY 5 times. It helps to ensure that a problem is truly eliminated by applying corrective action to the root cause of the problem.

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