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Whether you operate in the corporate or not-for-profit sector VAT impacts on the transactions you undertake in some form or another. Having effective processes and procedures in place to manage VAT should help ensure that you are able to pay the right amount of VAT at the right time, thus ensuring you manage your cash flow as effectively as possible and minimize the risk of errors arising.

The benefit of understanding the correct VAT position is twofold:

  • There is less likelihood of customers querying your invoices and delaying payment
  • Assessments for VAT and penalties are less likely to be raised by authorities.
  • Robust Cash flow and working capital management

Our team of VAT specialists in dubai is able to provide you with high quality, pragmatic advice that adds value and helps you mitigate the impact of this tax on your business in following areas:

  • VAT registration
  • VAT infrastructure in accounting and organization
  • VAT assessment, optimization and submission
  • Return filing and follow ups

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